Hannah Gaines

Hannah Gaines

Owner & Coach


CrossFit Level 1 Certification

About Coach

I didn't play sports growing up. I dabbled with fitness throughout college and during my law enforcement career but had no real direction. I found CrossFit early in the pandemic and like so many do, I became obsessed. I later moved to Cookeville, Tennessee to train at CrossFit Mayhem and worked as a Park Ranger.

Turning Point

As I dove deeper into CrossFit, I fell in love with the methodology and learned firsthand that CrossFit and proper nutrition can change your life. I started feeling more energized, sleeping better, and eliminating all of the health problems I had before CrossFit. This drove me to want the same thing for others, and I knew I had the knowledge and experience to transform lives because I had already done it myself.

Motivation & Passion

I understand what it is to feel like you're at rock bottom, and I am determined to help others "see the light" by sharing my passion for fitness and transforming the bodies, nutrition, and mental health of my members.

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